Chimpanzee tracking


Chimpanzee trackingis a fantastic experience where you will meet your closest relative in the animal kingdom. The chimpanzee can be seen in a number of places, in private and national parks. There are also different types of activities such as nature walks, trackingand habituation experience.

The best tracking is in Kibale National Park. It is well organized with good guides and walking in this forest is usually a very nice experience, where there are many other primates and birds as well as the forest elephant. There is no garantee that you will see the chimpanzee but through the years our groups have never missed out.

Tracking can also be done in Queen Elisabeth National Park at Kyambura Gorge. This tracking is in a nice environment where there are also other primates but the tracking is by no means comparable toKibale National Park.

Tracking can also be done in the Budongo Forest Reserve bordering Murchison Falls at a place called Kaniyo Pabidi. It is run by a private organization. The forest is a nice area but the tracking is not comparable to Kibale.

Chimpanzee tracking at Kibale National Park is usually included in our longer safaris, please see under safari options. We may also organize tracking in Kyambura Gorge and Kaniyo Pabidi as an extra for those who are doing safari to Queen Elisabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks.

If you have time to stay for a full day in Kibale National Park you may try out theChimpanzee habituation experiencewhere you will be joining up with a team that are training new chimpanzee families to be introduced to tourists.Chimpanzee habituation experiencecan be arranged as a separate program, or, as part of a longer safari. It will be necessary to arrive the day before and, preferably, stay nearby the night after the program.

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